Think of it this way: the health-conscious woman wants to unwind from the day’s stresses with something that ideally comes with some extra health benefits. That’s typically been a glass or two of chardonnay or pinot gris – or a nice cabernet with dinner.

Wine has been shown to boost metabolism and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, and red wine’s resveratrol is a proven antioxidant to fight the signs of aging. (Most women like the idea of a relaxing beverage that also promotes youth and vitality.) 

But the legalization of cannabis is disrupting the wine industry, says an analysis by Rabobank, one of Europe’s largest banks. Because professionals, especially women, who have avoided illegal cannabis are now eager to try it. Part of the allure is the positioning of recreational cannabis as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Women Can Relax With Vaping After Work Instead

Cannabis companies are marketing women-friendly products, such as cannabis-infused teas and coffees, smoothies, energy bars, and chic vaping pens. No one has to smoke marijuana and smell like skunk anymore to experience that feel-good buzz. 

The wine industry is particularly vulnerable to the shift given the growing number of women cannabis users who now view cannabis as an easy, natural substitute for their daily indulgence.

The analysis specifically highlights professional women who want to relax after work without consuming calories from a glass or two of wine (a large glass has about 120 calories, so they can add up fast). Cannabis is calorie-free and has another huge advantage, according to a 2017 Marist/Yahoo News Poll: 72% of consumers say that marijuana is safer than alcohol. Which appears to be true, given the research that shows alcohol is more addictive than marijuana, linked to various cancers, and one of the leading causes of road fatalities.

Cannabis Offers Healthy, Natural Alternative to Wine

Cannabis has its own emerging range of health benefits, as legalization opens the door for more scientific investigation. It’s widely used to treat chronic pain and relieve anxiety, and it’s shown promise in preventing and treating glaucoma, the disease that increases pressure in the eyeball, damaging the optic nerve to cause vision loss.

Medicinal cannabis is also approved for treating epileptic seizures, making it a life-changer. The bonus is, the marijuana plant’s cannabidiol (CBD) chemical that’s isolated as an extract or oil, impacts the brain without the psychotropic effects – so patients, including kids, can use it for treatment.

For many professional women, though, cannabis is competing for the relaxation-indulgence occasion and social event. A vape can easily replace that glass of wine after work, and a box of marijuana-infused chocolates or candy could replace the bottle of wine gifted to the party host.

Buying Cannabis is an Upscale, Inviting Experience

Cannabis companies, especially those with experience in retailing, such as Green Growth Brands and MedMen, are building welcoming dispensaries and upscale retail lounges to dispel any lingering cloud of disreputability that comes from buying cannabis. Women love to shop, so if buying cannabis is a fun and inviting experience, they will buy and develop loyalty to quality brands.

And for the discerning, health-conscious woman, the edibles and vape pens are considered healthier than smoking a joint and more socially acceptable than pulling out a bong. So in today’s cannabis market, women are primed to trade their wine for weed.


Written by Lior Ishai

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