CBD products are on the rise. Once a niche segment of cannabis products that were almost exclusively known by marijuana consumers has now garnered attention and is, seemingly, everywhere. In fact, a new report estimates the CBD market will hit around $22 billion as soon as 2022. 

The claims of the benefits for CBD are almost as widespread as its proliferation into dispensaries, health food stores, and even pet shops. And because CBD products can be extracted from the hemp plant (a completely legal substance in all 50 states), manufacturers have begun creating products for varying interests. 

Historically, women have been more drawn to CBD products. This has been propelled largely by CBD beauty products that have flourished in the wave of consumers demanding more natural products in general. Balms, creams, and other such products that are typically purchased by women have also proliferated. But as the awareness around CBD products continues to grow and normalize, a new market segment has emerged: men. 

Men have started reaping the benefits of CBD products and manufacturers are listening. There are now more uses, and cultural acceptance for men using CBD products, and men’s usage is on the rise, including NFL players

Sleep Aids

Americans are getting less and less sleep every year. Consumers are willing to spend billions of dollars on sleep products, and CBD product manufacturers are noticing. 

One of the biggest benefits CBD advocates is that of a natural, non-addictive sleep aid. The need for sleep is universal, and men are showing to be more than willing to use CBD for help with insomnia, restless sleep, and any other variation of sleep issues. 

Some cannabis companies have started manufacturing sleep-specific CBD products, such as gummies with CBD and melatonin (another naturally-occurring product). 

Workout Relief

Because CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, men who often perform strenuous weight-intensive workouts are turning to CBD products for post-workout relief

More and more professional athletes have started speaking out and helping in the development of CBD products to aid with muscle recovery and even exercise-induced injuries. This branch of CBD product development has shown significant promise, especially in the male consumer market. 

Anxiety and Chronic Pain 

Medical marijuana often garners the spotlight for its ability to aid in anxiety and chronic pain, but CBD products have since come into the conversation, partly due to their widespread availability (and legality). 

While no consumer is ever advised to go off any medications without close monitoring and communication of their doctors, many consumers are finding CBD products can help with mild anxiety issues, as well as chronic pain problems due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. 

Studies are still in their infancy, but many men looking for more natural ways to relieve stress without the side effects of the high of marijuana are turning to CBD products. 


Written by Lior Ishai


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