At Koi CBD we’ve always believed in the healing power of nature. Turns out we’re not alone. We’ve seen Koi grow thanks to the demand for plant-based health options from more and more people around the world. That’s what inspires us to offer only the best when it comes to our CBD products.

In fact, we’re so passionate about sharing the Koi CBD experience, we came up with a crazy idea…

One Million Milligrams of Koi CBD… FREE!

You read that right. If there was ever a time when we needed free CBD, it’s now! From now through the end of May, we are giving away 1,000,000 mg of CBD to our loyal Koi friends, followers and family.

How exactly are we going to pull this off, you ask? We’ve got a bunch of fun stuff planned, including:

  • Weekly contests on Social Media
  • A different deal on every week
  • Four lucky participants will be selected to win a subscription of Koi CBD for a year

Thank you for being the best part of the Koi story. We look forward to sharing even more Koi CBD with the world to help #CreateBalanceDaily.

To learn more about the Koi CBD Million Milligrams Giveaway and how you can participate, head over to our Million Milligrams Giveaway page.

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