We recently had the opportunity to try out the KLIP mini herb grinder from HØJ (pronounced HOY (pretty much)). HØJ is the Danish word for “High” and it’s the name of the company that produces the KLIP, as well as the KØL, a pretty revolutionary looking pipe. But we’re here to review the KLIP.

Our reviewers were very excited when the package arrived
with the KLIP in it. The packaging alone tells you something special is inside.
At first, we were like, “What the hell?” when we opened the box and found
ground up cork as the packing material. But then it hit us – Eco-friendly! And
that’s pretty cool. The container the grinder comes in is also made of cork and
probably the slickest package concept we’ve seen.

Holy Magnets!

First, we need to warn that this might be a grinder you need
to keep away from credit cards, data storage devices, and probably pacemakers.
Why? Magnets. EVERYTHING is magnetized. Even the cork box is embedded with
magnets. And the grinder itself is held together by strong internal magnets as
well. We loved this concept, because it makes it super easy to travel with the
grinder and less likely to lose pieces or spill your herb.

On the outside, the HØJ grinder looks very sleek. Its clean
lines and modern shape definitely make it look like something on the upper end
of devices. It’s heavy too, which makes the feel in your hand seem like you’re
holding something of high quality. Once you begin prying apart the magnetized components,
it might seem a bit complicated, but it didn’t take us long to figure it out.
And it’s almost like Christmas finding all the hidden features of this grinder.


Down to Business

When it comes to grinders – or anything really – what matters
is how it works. And our reviewers had almost all positive things to say about
the HØJ
KLIP grinder. Here’s their feedback in their own words:

Shelby: It’s definitely very sleek and I like that it’s
magnetic, because sometimes with grinders, as they age, the threads on the
opening part get sticky or worn out, so it makes it hard to open or close my
grinder. The magnets in the KLIP are very strong and reliable so far. The
design is sleek as well, and I love the look of it. It’s definitely something
that’s fun to show off. And I also like that you can choose what size to grind
your bud. You can break it up really fine for joints or bowls, and you can make
it chunky for blunts. It’s really cool. I’d easily spend my money on this.

Shailyn: It only fits a little bit of weed at one
time, but it grinds quickly and comes out beautifully. You have to hold the
compartments together more when you’re trying to grind, but not a big deal, although,
the bottom fell off a couple times. In order to release the screen to change
it, there’s a button in the center of the first chamber (grinding chamber) that
you press down, and it comes off quickly. That’s pretty cool. The many screens
that come with the KLIP have these notches that tell you which way is the
correct way to place it. All in all, an excellent product. I’m not sure I would
spend that much money on it, maybe $100 max. But, I’d say 4 out of 5 stars at



If you’re going to spend 130 bucks on a weed grinder, it had better be something special. And the KLIP herb grinder from HØJ is about as special as a grinder can get. Moreover, it seems like something that will last a lifetime, so by the time you buy 284 of those cheap, plastic grinders, you’re probably ahead anyway. Those Danes – first they come up with the best breakfast pastry ever, now one of the best weed grinders we’ve seen… what’s next!?

NOTE: This is NOT a paid review. All we got was the grinder.

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