When my team and I set out on the Healing Naturally Tour across the U.S. West Coast, I had one goal: to educate as many people as possible about the healing power of medical cannabis and other holistic, natural methods of healing. What we found while on tour was that so many veterinarians, pet parents, and boutique owners want to learn about cannabis and holistic healing but have never been taught the basics.

Hernando, Angie, and Carter celebrating the Golden Globe Awards

To help share the word about CBD and holistic healing, my team including Hernando Umana, co-owner of CBD Dog Health and cannabis expert, and Carter Easler, CBD Dog Health Director of Education, piled into an RV and hit the road. Of course, we had a few dogs with us including Blanche and Linda, Hernando’s two sweet rescues. We drove through hills, valleys, and mountains on a mission to help as many dogs and cats as possible.

We stopped by Luxury Experiences to celebrate the Golden Globes, and together with Lisa Vanderpump’s foundation, Vanderpump Dogs, we educated celebrity pet parents including comedian Fortune Feimster, Ava Michelle of Netflix’s Tall Girl, among other amazing celebs.

As exciting as it was to meet so many wonderful people, nothing compare to helping their pets. At one point on the tour, I met Gilles Marini who had a dog named Mila who was struggling to walk because of a cyst on her spine. Vets had told them to give up, but Mila was a fighter. I gave Mila some of our full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) and spoke with Gilles about making important dietary changes. Within days, Mila was up and walking again. My team and I knew that this was exactly why we came to the West Coast – to help animals feel their very best again. When others give up on a sick or ailing pet, I refuse to, and as a result so many more dogs and cats are enjoying longer lives.

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Angela at Three Happy Hounds for a Healing Naturally Tour Stop

After celebrating the Golden Globes, we continued the tour and sat down with some of the country’s top holistic veterinarians to discuss the safest ways to use full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) and learn more about other therapies being used to treat pets naturally. We sat down with Dr. Trina Hazzah, a pet oncologist who has been using cannabis to treat her patients with great success. In this video (and podcast) she talked about how she uses CBD to treat cancer and how she has made her way in a relatively new field of veterinary medicine.

We also spoke with Dr. Gary Richter, M.S., D.V.M., C.V.C., C.V.A., holistic veterinarian, bestselling author, and cannabis expert, who discussed everything from the safety of medical cannabis to the important role that nutrition plays in pet health. You can view videos from our visit with Dr. Richter by joining our Facebook group, CBD and Holistic Pet Advice, here.

Additionally, I sat down with Dr. Jyl Rubin, owner of Dr. Jyl’s Mobile Vet Connection, about the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine for pets. I also had the incredible privilege of administering full spectrum hemp extract (CBD) to rescue animals at Dr. Jyl’s farm and helped a dog who couldn’t walk get up and run. I also spoke with Dr. Stacy Baker, DVM, who spoke about cannabis safety.

Dr. Neal Weiner spoke with me all about raw feeding, and as one of the biggest advocates of raw feeding for over 20 years I was so excited to learn more from him. Diet is incredibly vital in healing all pets, and he shared so much valuable information with my team, viewers, and me in this video.

We also let our inner cat ladies out when we joined the Two Crazy Cat Ladies for a Facebook Live event where we talked about all things feline. Check out the video here, where we covered a wide range of cat-related topics.

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Angela and Carter with Monique at Sophias Garden Biodynamic Farm in Sebastapool, CA, where all of our essential oils are sourced

We just couldn’t stop there. While on tour, we were so thrilled to help Mops, beloved dog who experienced major relief from anxiety in this video from The Pet Collective. You can see the entire video here.

The Healing Naturally Tour marked the launch of the alliance between top holistic pet industry experts, myself and Julie Anne Lee, DCH, founder of Adored Beast Apothecary. Together, we plan to save as many animals as possible by producing educational programming to empower pet parents about healing their pets with natural and proven methods.

Our full list of stops included:

To learn more about our next tour, visit www.cbddoghealth.com/events. You can also sign up for updates on future events by signing up for our newsletter, or joining our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HolisticPetAdvice/.

About Angela Ardolino
Angela Ardolino is passionate about animals and has dedicated her life to providing all-natural relief to pets of all ages and breeds. Ardolino has worked with animals for over 20 years and operates Fire Flake Farm, a rescue farm in Lutz, FL. A medical cannabis expert, Ardolino holds a degree in the therapeutic uses of cannabis from the University of Vermont School of Medicine, and is the founder of CBD Dog Health. Combining her background in broadcast journalism and her passion for pets, Ardolino is the host of the pet-centric podcast “It’s a Dog’s Life” on Cannabis Radio. Additionally, she is the owner of Beautify the Beast, a natural pet salon and spa. Ardolino has five dogs and up to 10 residing on her farm who she is fostering or boarding. Visit www.AngelaArdolino.com and www.CBDDogHealth.com to learn more.

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Written by Krista Lyons at cbddoghealth.com

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