We tried The Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies. They weren’t awesome, but this episode is!
We paid crazy $130 for 3 jars (the price was already cut from even more crazy $160💸). Each jar contains 60 gummies, each gummy contains 5mg of cannabinoids which means we paid $130 for 900mg of cannabinoids. Yes we run a show about hemp. Yes we live in California. No, we are not Google devs. Yes we think it’s a loooot.

BUT what’s even more important it tastes terrible.
Let’s ask our jury :
Summer: Not for me
Molly: Gross/10
Joey: I ate 7 (he is a pineapple on pizza type of guy)
It’s 3x ❌, next please!

They taste so bad that we can’t even judge if they do the job.
🔔🔔 Ring the shame bell Charlotte’s Web 🔔🔔
So if you are wondering if it’s worth giving a shot, better swipe left and pick a different product.

Save your money on this one and don’t buy it for your mom 👩‍🦳

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