When it comes to making an impact in the ever expanding CBD market, quality is obviously paramount, but eye candy is everything.

Sugar & Kush CBD have nailed both, offering a line of products that are as appealing to the eye as they are to anyone looking for a quality CBD oil with zero THC!

With a line of CBD products you’d expect to find at a trendy boutique filled with all things sugar sweet, Sugar & Kush has broken the CBD mold when it comes to providing premium products you won’t find with any other brand.

What make Sugar & Kush so much different than the rest?

For one, their dessert-inspired flavors are unlike anything available.

You can see how the packaging from Sugar and Kush CBD products would appeal at swanky Hollywood parties, like the time when Kim Kardashian threw a CBD-theme baby shower.

While totally appealing to all things millennial and Gen Y, Sugar & Kush products are candy cool enough to appeal to anyone interested in a sweet way to take their CBD every day.

Who is Sugar & Kush?

There are countless women dominating the cannabis industry, and Sugar & Kush is a prime example.

Like many people that venture into the big business of CBD, the founders discovered the benefits of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid and knew they wanted to share what they’d discovered on a larger scale.

Inspiration for the company itself came from Laura Brenner, who discovered at the age of 31 that she had Stage 3 ovarian cancer. She dedicated her life to educating herself on natural alternatives to restore her health…and found CBD to be a huge part of her recovery back to wellness.

Want to hear more of the story behind Sugar & Kush CBD? Listen in to the latest CBD School Podcast episode with the founder, Laura Brenner!

As sweet as Sugar & Kush might be, Brenner also knew that recovering from cancer would mean cutting sugar from her life.

Don’t let the brand’s name fool you.

According to Brenner, When you have cancer you should not be consuming sugar. Sometimes you feel like you are missing out. We developed Sugar and Kush CBD products with little to no sugar so you can have your sweets too. I wanted to hit every aspect of everyone’s life. Our products are also great for diabetics and people following the Keto diet. I want to make sure we are including everyone in the world so that all can enjoy it and I don’t want anyone to feel left out. Sugar and Kush is for everyone.”

Danielle Papajan is not only Brenner’s business partner, but also her best friend.

When she heard of Brenner’s success with CBD, she began using it herself for her own autoimmune issues, namely hypothyroidism and Celiac disease.

With her experience networking and working in the corporate world for years, Papajan is responsible for the continued growth of Sugar & Kush and helping the brand become what it is today.

Sugar and Kush CBD Products

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