Being named to the Inc. 5000 list is an exciting and game-changing milestone for any company to achieve. Sometimes companies have the honor of not only putting themselves on investor and consumer radars but the new and budding industries they represent.

Colorado-based cannabidiol (CBD) oil manufacturer NuLeaf Naturals now joins countless other household names to bear this distinction, having earned a #11 ranking on the Inc. 5000 list in 2019.

NuLeaf Naturals is proud to have earned a place on the Inc. 5000 list in 2020, ranking at #16. The company turned heads having reported a three-year growth of 11,495 percent in the last three years.

Reinforces Legitimacy of CBD in Today’s Economy

With an Inc. 5000 ranking of #16, NuLeaf Naturals has proven that CBD companies are not viable in today’s market. The company also demonstrates that this industry has the potential to be profitable for entrepreneurs, existing companies, and investors.

Many investors and entrepreneurs have been hesitant to leap into the budding CBD and cannabis markets. This has particularly been the case as federal and state lawmakers continue to iron out the industries’ regulatory framework.

For a CBD company to approach the top 10 of the Inc. 5000 proves that this industry is one with heft and long-term staying power.

Peaks Interest of More Investors in the CBD Space

With nearly 12,000 percent growth in three years, NuLeaf Naturals may have eased at least some concerns for investors who are curious about the CBD industry. Short-lived health and lifestyle trends are not uncommon, and some investors may have hesitated to avoid getting caught up in passing fads.

But with this kind of eye-catching growth rate, a CBD oil manufacturer founded in 2014 now has the attention of a much wider range of investors. Considering this staggering short-term growth, investors may now be interested in both long-term and fast, short-term growth of the booming CBD oil and lifestyle products industry.

Guarantees Exposure for the CBD Industry in the Pages of Inc.’s Print Edition

With its #16 ranking, NuLeaf Naturals enjoys a comfortable seat among the top 500 companies on the Inc. 5000 list.

As a result, NuLeaf Naturals has positioned the CBD oil industry to be in the hands of Inc. Magazine’s print edition readers. As the CBD and cannabis industries continue to grow, such media placements remain critical to legitimizing the industry in the eyes of consumers, business leaders, regulators, and beyond.

Reinforces CBD’s Status as an Accepted Consumer Product

CBD oil has gained momentum and popularity among consumers, healthcare providers, and regulators over the years.

With these kinds of financial results and a growing body of clinical research, CBD oil becomes more inviting for investors and entrepreneurs. And more money flooding into the industry means increased potential for more rapid growth and expansion.

Supports Colorado’s Push for Cannabis Regulation Overhauls

NuLeaf Naturals also took home recognition as the #1 ranked company in Denver and #1 in Colorado overall in 2019. In 2020, NuLeaf Naturals ranks as the #2 company in Colorado and Denver.

Colorado state, and Denver, has been at the center of much of the progressive push in support of legislation and regulations regarding cannabis, CBD, and other controlled substances. Many of the early entrants into the CBD oil industry are based in Colorado as a result.

By fostering growth for its company, NuLeaf Naturals has also generated support for the local and state legislation and regulations that allow that company to exist and prosper.

Making the Inc. 5000 two years in a row at #16 showcases its continued success and growth as a key player in the CBD space. This visibility could also set into motion waves of change for the CBD industry as a whole as both the company and industry continue to grow.

“Here at NuLeaf Naturals, we have remained deeply committed to creating a superior product and providing exceptional customer service,” says Ian Kelly, VP of Operations. “We are honored to receive such a prestigious ranking from Inc., and we congratulate and thank our exceptional team members and partners, whose tireless commitment to quality has made this growth possible.”

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