American singer-songwriter, Kelis, will be the host of a new cooking show, coming to Netflix, starting 4/20 of this year. According to a post on Revolt, the show will be called, “Cooked with Cannabis” and will be co-hosted by chef Leather Storrs, a popular Portland, OR cannabis chef. Netflix has picked up six episodes of the cannabis-inspired cooking show for the first season, which will feature several celebrity guests, such as Ricki Lake and Too $hort.

Kelis Netflix Cannabis Cooking Show

The competition-style cooking show will feature three
contestants who are professional chefs. The competitors will be tasked with
creating three-course cannabis-infused
and will be competing for a prize of $10,000. Kelis called her
involvement in the show a “dream come true” in an Instagram post announcing the
show today. She is quoted as saying, “…this is so culturally important for
us to learn and grow together.” On the 4/20 launch date, Netflix will release
all six episodes, so people can binge-watch and cook

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