When many people think of cannabis, they might conjure images of hazy, smoke-filled rooms and the cast of “Dazed and Confused” or “Cheech and Chong” sitting on a couch. The truth, though, is that there are many, many ways to enjoy and experience cannabis products, and it is simply a matter of finding the right one for you. Not sure which cannabis product is right for you? See which one fits best! 

Are you…

A social cannabis user? 

You want to share and be social and your cannabis consumption is more about the journey and experience than the destination. 

Now considered the “old school” cannabis delivery method, buying buds and flowers and smoking them (either by rolling them yourself or using an apparatus such as a bong or pipe) provides certain comfort and ritual to cannabis consumption for many users. 

Someone who wants to get back into cannabis? 

You used to smoke when you were younger, but haven’t in a while and want to try again without having to invest in additional materials or supplies.

Try: pre-rolls 

Pre-rolls are exactly what they sound like: pre-rolled joints, ready to use. They still deliver the same effects as smoking buds or flowers, but take the work (or guesswork) out of the process. 

Someone who needs their cannabis to go? 

You want something portable and easy to save that doesn’t have an odor and is allowed in public spaces, such as when you’re going to a weekend festival. 

As more research has emerged about the potential dangers of smoke inhalation, vaporizers have become more popular. Vape pens come with loaded cartridges of cannabis that still have the instant effect of smoking but without the actual smoke inhalation. 

An “after work” cannabis user? 

You don’t want to smoke anything after a long day at work but don’t want to wait for edibles to kick in, either.

Tinctures are considered a “middle ground” between smoking/vaping and edibles. These cannabis droplets are placed under the tongue and dissolved sublingually. They typically take about 15 minutes to kick in, and have a very long shelf life, which is perfect for the occasional cannabis user. 

A parent? 

You’re a parent who wants to enjoy some cannabis in a treat form after the kids go to bed. 

Probably the second most-known form of cannabis consumption, edibles simply mean cannabis-infused foods or oils. The types of edibles are nearly limitless as cannabis chefs have truly been hard at work to infuse cannabis into all sorts of foods such as chocolates, gummies, butters, oils, and baked goods. Just beware: edibles can take up to two hours to kick in after consumption, so they are easy to overdo due to the lag time. 

A late-night partier? 

You want the most intense high possible and are willing to invest in more extensive equipment. 

Dab rigs are the quickest way to achieve the most intense high possible, but require extensive equipment in order to heat and inhale the ultra-concentrated cannabis wax. This setup is best suited for longtime cannabis enthusiasts. 

Someone wanting more natural health products? 

You have started reading more about the benefits of cannabis and want to start using more natural products in general. 

There is a reason CBD oils have started popping up seemingly everywhere. Their widespread legality has allowed them to proliferate, and the users are willing to tout endless benefits. From topical ointments for pain relief to oils and tinctures, many users are turning to CBD products as more natural solutions in their medicine and bath cabinets. 


Written by Lior Ishai

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