are a lot of CBD products out there, but at CBD Living, we are proud of our
unique contribution. Since 2013 we’ve been operating out of Corona, California
to offer customers a new way to use a relatively new product, CBD oils, in
consumer products.

of us have heard by now about how CBD is used to treat a range of health
conditions, from headaches to spinal or nerve conditions to things like anxiety
and depression.

where you get your CBD oil and how you use it is also important. As we say,
it’s a new market, and there’s still a lot of confusion around the industry.

is a safe and legal product.
It’s derived from hemp and doesn’t have the THC of active marijuana. It’s also
very popular for daily use for a range of patients who need very different
health supplements. Many different people with diverse needs use CBD oil in
their diets, or rub CBD oils on their skin, for both “treatment” applications
and for holistic health.

our website, you’ll see some amazing testimonials. There were people who
suffered from spinal disc problems and started using CBD oil to treat the pain,
with remarkable results. You’ll see people who started using CBD oil for
attention deficit disorder and mood problems, and feel 100% better, energized
and lively all day. Our customers have been inspired to write in and talk about
how well CBD oils make them feel, because they have seen the power of these
supplements in their lives first-hand. Some say they “used to be skeptics” but
are now initiates to the CBD community!

it Works

oil generally gets absorbed into the body through digestion or through topical
treatment. Our process is a bit different: first, we also offer the best CBD
extraction process, and we have a range of products available: capsules, soups,
gummies, etc. according to what works for our customers.

have also pioneered a technique where CBD oil gets turned into “nanotech
particles and absorbed that way. That can boost the results for the body as a
whole. Our innovative teams have figured out how to create proprietary
dispensary methods that will help users to optimize their CBD habits.

10 people about CBD oils, and you’ll get 10 different answers. If you don’t
know who to listen to, just listen to yourself – take it for a test drive and
see how CBD oil influences your mood and your body. It’s important to direct
customers to our FDA disclosure and note that this is not medical advice –
people who are pregnant may not be able to take CBD oils. Always ask your
doctor about supplements.

out our catalog of interesting CBD products.

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