Two of our favorite ways to consume CBD is through Gummies and Creams.

CBD Gummies activate within 30 minutes. Whereas, CBD Creams work almost instantly.

CBD cream has been noted to help relieve pain and inflammation:

Highline provides a nice statement supporting their CBD Cream:

👉With our CBD Pain Cream, you will enjoy fast joint & muscle pain relief and improve your recovery time. This lightly cooling, non-sticky formula is packed with 150mg of organic, full-spectrum cannabinoid oil.

👍Our cream is quickly absorbed by your skin cell receptors to instantly boost your endocannabinoid levels and deliver soothing relief wherever you need it most.

💜Have chronic back or knee pain? Apply to painful areas in the morning for all-day relief, and before bed to let it work overnight. Apply it to your tight neck and shoulder muscles after sitting behind a desk all day.

🏋️‍♂️Pack it in your gym bag and use it during a post-workout massage to reduce inflammation and soreness.

Here is a breakdown of the Highline chews: AKA CBD Gummies

⭐️They contain 10 mg of our full-spectrum cannabinoid hemp concentrate with all of the soothing nutrients you need to get fast-acting benefits.

😃These small-batch CBD Chews are the perfect way to get 10mg of all-natural CBD throughout the day, for on-the-go relief.

👩‍💻The CBD Chews are best kept in your desk or bag for midday relaxation or on your nightstand to ease your mind before a good night’s sleep.

👉See the CBD gummies ingredients by Highline here:


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