The answer is yes! Pet Releaf products are 100% human-grade!

At Pet Releaf, we never want to compromise the quality of our ingredients just because they are marketed to pets. We view our fur friends as equal members of the family, which means they should have equal if not superior products as us humans! Each of our products are 100% human-grade, so we always recommend our products if you’re looking to use CBD for yourself. Whether you’re looking for something to help calm your anxiety or a boost to your immune system, CBD may be a great option for you! 

Health Benefits of CBD for Humans

The health benefits of CBD are very similar to pets as every mammal has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is similar to other systems in the body, although lays mostly dormant without the use of CBD in the body. When you consume CBD, your ECS is activated, creating a two-way communication system between the brain and many other systems in the body like your cardiovascular system, digestive system, immune system, and more. This is why you may hear so many people and pets benefiting from CBD in a variety of ways. Many of the common benefits are supporting your immune system, helping with joint discomfort, seizure management, situational anxiety, and skin irritations. 

Choosing the Best Pet Releaf Product For You

Hemp Oil Capsules

If you have a more sensitive palate, our Hemp Oil Capsules featured in our Starter Kit Bundle are a great alternative! They contain the same two ingredients as our Hemp Oils; our full spectrum hemp extract mixed with coconut oil. Rather in oil form, they are inside of a vegan capsule for a more convenient way of administering. Each individual capsule contains 85mg of full-spectrum hemp extract with 15mg being active CBD. Our capsules are available in a 30-count bottle or a 10-pack container. Our Capsule 10-pack included in our Starter Kit Bundle is perfect for you if you’re unsure about committing to a full bottle of our capsules and want a trial-size version to start out with first! This bundle also includes our Hemp Oil 330 and a complimentary Boom Bar.

Hemp Oil 1700

We definitely recommend one of our highest potency products for human use, since we as humans are often bigger than our pets and require more. If you don’t mind the taste of hemp and coconut oil, our Hemp Oil 1700 might just be your best option. This is best administered from the dropper directly in your mouth. Each bottle of our Hemp Oil 1700 contains 1700mg of full-spectrum hemp extract with 500mg being active CBD. Each full dropper contains 57mg of full-spectrum hemp extract with 17mg of active CBD!



Canna Care Topical

If you suffer from occasional skin irritations, bug bites, or joint discomfort, our Canna Care Topical is a plant-based topical that can help provide relief to your skin irritants or soreness in your joints! Our Skin Protection Bundle features our Canna Care Topical 4oz along with other Pet Releaf products to share with your fur family! Our 4oz Canna Care Topical contains a total of 125mg per container, which means there’s plenty to share with your dog. Our Skin Protection Bundle also includes our Liposome Hemp Oil 300, Hemp Oil Capsules, Lip Balm, and a complimentary Boom Bar flavor of your choosing! If you and your pup are both suffering from skin irritations, we always recommend taking our capsules or oil for internal relief and applying our topical for external relief.

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