Boston Hempire Subscription Package Brief Review

Previously I have reviewed the Boston Hempire company and was impressed with their CBD products and quality. You can check out that review here. I will not be going into a lot of company information today since I already covered that in the previous review. Today I will just cover my thoughts on Boston Hempire’s subscription package. As already mentioned I think they are a fantastic company.

What Came in My Subscription Package

Well, there is no shortage of CBD goodies in this subscription package.

I recieved:

  1. A 500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil tincture.
  2. A glass bong
  3. 400mg CBD infused kettle corn
  4. Two strains of CBD flower
  5. 1.5 gram pre rolls
  6. A lighter

So much CBD to last you for days on end.

What I Thought About the Products

All the products in the subscription package seemed very high quality to me and had great effects. The CBD flower was great as usual with an excellent texture. Anxiety was relieved and I was very relaxed. The bong looked high quality. And as usual all of Boston Hempire’s products were professionally and carefully packaged free from scents.

The 400mg CBD kettle corn, exceeded my expectations! It had a really good sweet buttery flavor and the effects were amazing. Almost instantly I felt relaxed and calm. It rushed straight to my head.

All the products in general produced amazing effects.


I thoroughly enjoyed Boston Hempire’s subscription package, it came with a wide variety of amazing CBD products. I wasn’t disappointed with any of the products, they were all excellent and they all produced amazing effects.

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