Who is CBD is the New Kale™?

CBD is the New Kale™ is rising to help people and organizations explore, champion, and shape the expanding CBD movement. The hub for a widely growing CBD community, we bring together contributors with many voices and angles to share content with our large readership.

What’s in it for me?

By listing, advertising, or being showcased with CBD is the New Kale™, you will gain the attention of our large, CBD champion readership. Effectively market your brand to an extremely large, highly-motivated audience. Reaching this robust audience results in:

  1. Increased SEO and traffic to your website
  2. Traffic and conversions on your e-commerce site
  3. Visits to your retail location
  4. Follows and likes on your social channels
  5. Brand awareness and loyalty

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Learn more about our advertising opportunities:

List your business (Directory) – Join our premier business directory, and not only boost your website’s SEO, but also land front and center for user searches and online research.

Ads – Showcase your offering within our content with targeted ads. Our ad formats include:

  • Banner/Nestled Ad
  • Video Ad
  • Background Ad

Newsletter – Our widening subscriber base will receive a showcase of your offering in our periodic newsletter, bringing new faces to your website and validated interest.

Social shoutouts – Let our followers know about your offering, and generate new followers, likes, and website traffic with optimized CTA’s and exposure.

Featured article – Stand out with a featured article, showcasing your story and key message to readers. Educate and resonate with the burgeoning CBD is the New Kale™ community.

Influencers – Let us connect you with our directory of social influencers to blow your numbers through the roof. Premium service to garner wide exposure to one or more influencer’s loyal followers.

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